Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect 2 appliances to one Combi Pump?

Yes providing outlets from the 2 appliances merge into a single inlet to the Combi pump and the total incoming water is within the capacities of the pump.

What is the maximum number of bends I can have in the pipework taking the water away from the Combi Pump?

Ideally there will be no bends in the pipe run. Any bends in the pipe run will reduce the efficiency and head distance of the Combi Pump.

What is the warranty period on a Combi Pump?

Our Combi Pumps come with a 12 months parts and labour warranty against manufacturing faults.

Will my CombiPump need servicing or cleaning?

Although there is no regular servicing needed on the Combi Pump, due to the nature of the discharged water it may require regular cleaning to remove food or fatty deposits which may cause the pump to malfunction. Please contact WaterCare Service department for a quote .

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